Republican Party/ The Grand Old Party/ Area 4 Chester County

East Coventry, South Coventry, Spring City, East Vincent

160East Coventry 1Ridge Fire House
480 Ridge Road / Route 23
Spring City
Missy King
Michael Moyer
165East Coventry 2Parkerford Baptist Church
92 Baptist Church Road
Parker Ford
Howard Sacks
Melissa Sacks
680East Vincent 1Spring City Fellowship Church
540 Glass Ave.
Spring City
Marietta Gies
Cynthia Zoccali
681East Vincent 2Spring City Elementary School
190 S. Wall St.
Spring City
Andrew Maenza
Denise Wilson
682East Vincent 3E Vincent United Church of Christ
282 Hill Church Rd.
Spring City
Daniel Dougherty
Jane Peronteau
683East Vincent 4Grace Assembly Of God
1271 W. Bridge Street
Spring City
Rob Minninger
170South CoventryOwen J. Roberts Middle School
881 Ridge Road
Rebecca McCreary
Mark Wolfrey
560Spring City 1Bard Complex
201 S. Main St
Spring City
Rick Schroeder
Gayle Kern
565Spring City 2First United Church Of Christ
Memorial Hall
145 Chestnut St.
Spring City
570Spring City 3Spring City Public Library
245 Broad St
Spring City
Timothy Mayer
575Spring City 4Spring City Public Library
245 Broad St
Spring City

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